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Your Thoughts on the Redskins' Loss vs. Buffalo

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We asked our readers to react to Washington's loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Here is a sampling of the responses.

Did you see Miami vs. Tenn. last night? Now those teams know how to play defense. The Redskins' defense couldn't stop a descent college football team. Time to get Mike Nolan a one way ticket out of town. While you're at it, get one for Matt Turk. Mind as well put Mitch Richmond on the same plane. But that's a whole other story.

Chris C.
Laurel, MD

I have been loyal to Norv's coaching methods throughout his tenure due to possibility of lack of talent. This year I have watch the "Skins" simply get out coached by the opponent in each loss. We have one of the best running games in the NFL as well as the worst Defense. So, why not run the ball more, chewing up the clock and keeping the defense off the field, keeping them as fresh as possible and allowing them to be aggressive when they are on the field. Could someone please answer this for me?

Terence Nichols
Cambridge, Maryland

Get rid of Nolan now! I think that the Redskins defense would probably be better without a coach or with only Arnsbarger. If I hear "We are in the position to make the plays but we are simply not making them" one more time I think I am going to be sick! Is there any team that the Redskins can stop on defense?

Gerry Dickson
Long Beach, CA

If the team is dead last on Defense (and has been for several weeks) what is the point of continuing to keep the Defensive coordinator? You can't possibly get any worse by getting rid of him. We were clowned at home twice by giving up huge points to Dallas and Buffalo. If a coach cannot motivate players or develop a game plan to prevent this then he needs to go.

Don Verdi

If Mike Nolan has a job next Sunday, I will be sick!!! The same goes for that fool Darrell Pounds. And that fat slob Dana Stubblefield is always full of excuses. Last week the first comment on this page was from a guy who wanted to know what the complainers had to say about the stomping of the Bears. I have this to say, IT WAS ONLY THE BEARS!!! Most good college teams can beat them!!! The fact is, as long as Mike Nolan and the majority of the coaching staff remains in Washington, we will never be able to beat an even average NFL team!!! The Redskins record makes them look a whole lot better than they really are!!! Thank God for the offense, other wise we would be 1-7, just like last year. Makes me sick!!!!

Gaithersburg, Md

Another lousy performance against a decent AFC team. If the Skins were in the AFC they would be at the bottom of the barrel. Stop talking, playoffs! Defense gets you to the playoffs, and 31st in the league doesn't cut it. Fire Nolan, we can't get any worse!!


I have been a fan since i was 5 years old and i have seen some bad games, but yesterdays game hurt to watch. The defense looked bewildered and rightly so, because flutie(a midget quarterback) moved around with ease. The defense needs to stop thinking so much and commit. WHERE'S RICHIE PETTIBON? This defense will not improve as the season goes and Nolan will be fired at the end of it all!!!!

Randy Mitchell

Well, the honeymoon's over. In this season of near complete parity, the Redskins unfortunately are another middle-of-the-road team. Here's the proof: the only teams they have beaten have losing records, and the only losses are to teams with winning records. They are on the upper end of the middle pack (they're smashing many weaker teams) but they are not a force that will go far, again, this year. Sorry to say, but Mike Nolan must go. The defense is stocked with quality players. To be the lowest-ranked in the league and to weekly give up 400+ yards points to a continued deficiency at the coaching level (notwithstanding Arnsparger).

Scott K.
Los Angeles

All the Talent on that Defense????? What a pitiful display. The line is a joke, the backers and safeties run around like fools and cant tackle worth beans. A good High School team could get a 100 yards rushing on that team. I am not claiming I know the answers but I know the "talent" sure is working. Major change would seem to be the only answer...IT sure couldnt get Worse!

Steve Ott
Cincinnati, OH formerly of Silver Spring, MD

This lost was probably more depressing than the two to Dallas. As a Redskin fan I honestly have to come to the reality that this team is not very good, they are five and three and probably can end up going 10-6 if they are lucky. The Defense is the worst I have seen in the NFL and the offense seems to have a ball with weak teams but when faced with quality teams who can control the ball and play good defense against them, they look less than average. I was one of those individuals who was asking why everytime something goes wrong does someone need to be fired, but I think it's time to start taking a real good look at this defense coordinator, it seems that he lacks the ability to light the fire under these guys thats needed to meet the challange that it takes to compete and defeat quality teams in this league. Hell the Ravens gave Buffalo a better fight than we did.

Woodbridge, VA

More disappointment, but at least it's not as bad as last year. I still think we will make the playoffs this year, but at the rate we're going we won't make it past the first round.

R Wachter
San Francisco

Things are starting to go in reverse for the REDSKINS. These Redskins always talked about how they are going to the playoffs because of how they look on paper and how well they practiced for the upcoming games. DEFENSIVE AND SPECIAL TEAMS COACHING is at fault. If you break this down further (who selected these coaches) NORV TURNER. I felt that they were bragging all through training camp and preseason, however, they can't say anything because they can only beat below average teams. I still love my REDSKINS.


I've been a fan for 27 years and will continue to be, but this has to be said. I hope at least one skins def player reads this. You guys either lack the talent,skill or desire neccessary to play on an nfl defense. Maybe it is the defensive scheme(NOLAN). I don't see any fire even when the occassional good play is made!!. I'm still going to watch but when are you guys going to start taking it personal and respond(NO EXCUSES). Your loyal fans(the leagues best) deserve much better. You guys are about as aggressive as a nun at sunday mass. " I hope I didn't insult any nuns." CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM THE REAL FANS?

Conway S.C

I love the Reskins! I am sticking with them every week, and hoping for the defense to pick it up! Somebody in that locker room needs to step it up, and get that old pride and emotion back. We don't need scape goats right now to feel better about our defensive woes! We need play makers!

Will Stinnett
Burlington, NC

The defensive line is not worthy of the pay they make!!! The Redskins were manhandled by inferior players. The coaching staff was manhandled and outcoached. The Redskins could & should have smashed mouthed and manhandled these guys. What a teams of wusses they are becoming.

J Johnson
Kent Island

The Washington Redskins defense, collectively and individually, are the WORST TACKLERS in the entire NFL. I am a 41-year fan of the Redskins from Upstate New York and am appalled at the level of defensive play of the Redskins for the last six years, especially the totally inept tackling.

Bill Schmitz
Rochester, New York

Everybody has their own crew, You have Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells and various other coaches around the league and they all have their own boys to turn to or to carry their coaches. Norv has a set also but personally I don't care for Norv's BOY's anymore his pick are PUNKS. Punks that back down to superior talent. So tell me when will Norv Turners boys turn the corner.

K. Woods
Atlanta, GA.

Does the word PITIFUL mean anything? When is Nolan going to be put out of his misery?

David Allardice

Watching the Defense (or lack of) was oine of the most painful things to watch. Go Saints!!! Keep on losing as we get your #1 (probably top 3 overall) next year.

Blacksburg, VA

Wow, the D stinks.


Nolan,Turk and LeCharles McDaniel needs to be gone. The defense could do no worse without a coordinator, special could do no worse, and Theismann could do no worse punting. We always struggle against Buffalo unless it's in the Superbowl. Norv should have went for it or punted instead of trying a 55 yard fieldgoal.We need to bounce back real hard, we're definitely in the playoffs so we need start getting prepared for next season. let's face it, defense use to be the NFC's trademark now it's the AFC. NFC will not win the Bowl this year. We need a defensive coordinator, look at the difference a year makes for Jacksonville's defense, horrible last year Capers goes there and they are No. 1 in the league. Get someone now so come next year the players will understand the schemes and blitzes.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla

Still no blitz. Flutie had all day and was only pushed once. The 6 defensive backs on 3rd down defense doesn't work, hasn't worked, won't work with these players. Where's Buddy Ryan? Maybe the 4-6 defense might work.

R Williams
Upper Marlboro, Md.

Sunday's another day and another game. They'll be up and ready to go-----Norv will see to that!

Abilene, Tex

Thanks to the first half performance I knew I could get my car washed and spare myself the pain of watching another defeat. It was obvious at the end of half time that the Redskins would lose. I've lost interest for the year. Some body get a fork this potato is done. I've bought some poor products in my time, but never for $800 million. Danny BOY has more dollars than sense.

Mark Bylan
Amissville, Va.

Another disapointing game!! Same old defense and mistakes! Whenever the Skins face a good quarterback, they will lose. Plain and simple!! The offense can not keep up the pace of the points that the defense gives up. Special teams (if you want to call them that) are another area that needs great improvement. The Skins don't have a punter (Turk is terrible) and the coverage and returns are not what they should be. It's going to be a long year. Glad it's half over!!!!!! Mr. Snyder needs to do some really deep shaking up of the staff on the off season and get some quality coaches that know how to get this team motivated and ready to play. As in previous years,MAYBE NEXT YEAR!!

Skins Fan in Limbo

I have been a loyal Skin's fan for decades since I was 8 years old to be exact. I am now 35. This "Turner Era" has to end and end soon. I am sick and tired of being beaten up by my football buddies when the Skins lose. Norv, you are one helluva Offensive Coord. What the Skins need is keep you as such and hire someone who can and willlight some Pro Football Players (multi-millionaires) butts up. The problem is the Defensive Front Line, not the punter, not the Defensive backs, and not the linebackers. The Defensive Ends need speed and moves! Hail the Skins, we still luv ya! GO SKINS

Richard S Tarbert III
Black Mountain, NC

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