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Quote Sheet From Sunday's Redskins Game

Darrell Green  |  Steve Spurrier  |   LaVar Arrington

Compiled by Gene Wang Correspondent
Web Posted: Sunday, Dec. 29 2002; 7:07 p.m. EST

Darrell Green
Pregame remarks
There's no way a guy can build a career like I've built by himself. I want to acknowledge my late father, Leonard Green, my parents, all of my brothers and sisters, my wife and our kids. I want to thank Coach Spurrier and Marvin Lewis as they've given me a chance to bring an end to this. I want to thank all my teammates of 20 years, many who are here today and certainly the guys in the locker room.

It's been a great ride. I know I'm not going to be able to thank everyone. But the obvious is, there's no way I could be who I am without you.

As you know, my life has been "Mission America," as it relates to young boys and girls in all of our communities and now throughout our nation and the world. It is my goal to not only end a career but to be launched into a future that produces a light and carries out the purpose of God on this earth and with this generation.

Throughout my career, when I thought about my life off the field and into my home, I've always thought about a great musician, the person who would say, "I want to play you a great song," and when they finished, you'd say, "Is that it?" With all this great joy, something in my heart has always said, "Is that it?"

You have given me a great platform and a great community to do what I believe God created me to do. That is to change the world for all that is good, right and Godly. Our fans and indeed the best fans in the world.

Coach Steve Spurrier
Q: What are your thoughts on today's game?
A: We're excited we won, but not very happy with the way we played the entire game. We had a chance to beat Dallas by three or four touchdowns today, but we had a few bad plays here and there, and almost let them get back into the game.

Kenny Watson had a nice third and seven run to put this game away. It should have never come down to that. I'll get my enthusiasm in a little bit, but it's hard for me to watch everything that happened out there today and see how we let it get to a six-point game. Our defense played so well the entire game. We let them throw the ball over the top of us at the end, but other than that, we dominated those guys.

Q: Will Bruce Smith be back next season?
A: Bruce has had an excellent season and is still an excellent pass rusher. I don't know how the salary cap and all those things fit in, but there has been no decision made about him right now one way or the other about next season. I don't know if he's retiring or wants to come back. We've just been playing through the season with Bruce.

Q: Was the reverse to Darrell Green planned?
A: Coach [Mike] Stock had that play ready with Champ [Bailey]. Champ set that play up nicely. Darrell was galloping around FedEx Field a little bit like in the old days. It was nice to see Darrell have a great play. Darrell gave a nice little talk to the team after the game. He fits in nicely. He's been a joy to to be around and a great guy to have on the team. He's earned his way this year. We wish him the best, and I'm sure we'll see him around a lot in the offseason.

Q: What does winning the last two games do for the team's confidence heading into the offseason?
A: Certainly, it helps to win your last couple of games. It says that our team didn't fold up our tent. Houston and Dallas were two teams that had losing records, but it's still better to win and build up a little momentum going into the offseason. The thing I think we can take from this game is that the offense had a bunch of yards at times and had chances to score points. The defense completely shut down Dallas except for the long pass at the end and of course we gave them one on offense with the interception. We're not too far off from having a team that can really compete.

LaVar Arrington
Q: What are your thoughts about beating the Cowboys?
A: The win was long overdue, and the fact that we had it it on the last game of the year, going into next year means a lot. It meant a lot to us, and I think it showed in the way we played.

Q: How has the defense improved?
A: I have become more and more comfortable with every game. It takes time to get into a system and really develop in it. You have to continue to learn and continue to get better.

Q: How would you evaluate your performance individually this season?
A: I think that my personal season was adapting, adjusting and pulling through. We didn't make the playoffs, but in terms of personal performance, my performances continued to improve as the season went on. The more comfort I had in the system, the better I got. For me personally, I'm proud of myself because I would never sit there and not take a challenge head on.

© Copyright 2002

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