Joe Gibbs, Clinton Portis
(Toni L. Sandys - The Washington Post)
2007: Tragedy, Triumph
Joe Gibbs brings the Redskins back from the brink after the tragic death of Sean Taylor, pictured, and leads them into the playoffs before retiring four seasons into his second tenure in Washington.

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All Aboard!
Tony Kornheiser
While Tony Kornheiser's Bandwagon has been in the garage of late, you can marvel at the legendary vehicle that carried the Redskins to Super Bowl XXVI in the 1991-92 season by reading every article about the Bandwagon.
Glory Days
Take a trip back in time and check out game stats and the original Post article from each of the five Redskins' Super Bowl visits.

Legends of the Game
Joe Gibbs and Jack Kent Cooke
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Joe Gibbs (right) and Jack Kent Cooke (left) built the Redskins into a powerhouse. Read profiles of many of the greatest Redskins.

Frerotte Sacked
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Rivals to the Bitter End
Nobody needs a picture of Washington's Gus Frerotte being sacked by Dallas' Leon Lett to know the Redskins-
Cowboys rivalry is still one of the biggest in sports. With that in mind, we offer a look back at all their battles.

Fun Bunch
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Turning Back the Hands of Time
Remember the Redskins Fun Bunch (pictured)? How about that wild 48-47 loss to Green Bay on Monday night? Or the 73-0 crushing at the hands of the Chicago Bears? Or the 51-7 dismantling of the Los Angeles Rams in the playoffs? Good or bad, we've got all of those moments and more in the Redskins Timeline.

RFK Stadium
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A Farewell to RFK Stadium
1996 marked the Redskins' final season at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Take a look back at their final victory, a 37-10 thumping of the Dallas Cowboys. Also, revisit the 16 greatest Redskin games at RFK Stadium.

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