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Honorary Hog Riggins and many of his fellow Hogs increased their tightness as members of the 5 O'Clock Club. The group met after practice in an old tool shed at Redskin Park. It had no plumbing, no electricity. There was a kerosene heater over which Riggins sometimes would warm cans of pork and beans. That delicate fare was normally washed down with frothy beverages.

"A lot of problems were solved out there," Grimm said with a chuckle.

That kind of cohesiveness was important on what became one of their signature plays, the Counter Trey. Bostic, May and Starke would block down or to the left. Grimm and Jacoby would pull and come around the right side. The running back would take a step to the left and then take the handoff going right, and it worked many times, to the dismay of opponents.

Once the Hogs got rolling, there was a reputation to protect. "You have to live up to it when you get a name like that," Grimm said.

They more than lived up to it, just as the Redskins as a whole not only lived up to but exceeded their fans' expectations that year. But that was not evident in the summer of 1982. The Redskins went 0-4 in the preseason, and fans were on edge.

The angst vanished when, in the season opener, Mark Moseley kicked a game-winning overtime field goal for a 37-34 victory over Philadelphia — a forerunner of Moseley's role in miracle-making that year.

That game settled the kicker question. The Redskins had drafted Dan Miller of the University of Miami and kept him on the team to challenge — and perhaps replace — Moseley. But after Moseley's Philadelphia heroics, Miller was cut and Moseley had no more reason to worry.

On the road in Week 2, the Redskins won again, 31-13, against Tampa Bay — but then the football world stopped. The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) announced a strike, and the 1,500 union members walked out. The union was seeking a percentage of the teams' television take, establishment of a trust fund from which salaries would be drawn, and creation of a league-wide wage scale. But the owners wouldn't budge on any major issue.

The NFLPA staged a couple of games involving striking players, including one at RFK, but the crowds were small. After eight weeks, with the owners threatening to cancel the rest of the season, the players returned.

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