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The combination was supposed to keep his foot — assuming he could still feel it under all those socks — warm and dry and safe.

That foot was becoming increasingly important to the Redskins. Indeed, in the next game, on December 12 in St. Louis, it provided the sole Redskins scoring. On his first attempt in that game, from 37 yards, Moseley slipped on the icy artificial turf at Busch Stadium. But a Cardinals penalty nullified the miss, and Moseley made it on the second try. Three more field goals later, including a knuckleball that barely dropped in, the Redskins won, 12-7.

Next, the Giants came to RFK on December 19 after winning three in a row since their home loss to the Redskins, and in that one some Redskins displayed more than their usual intensity and grit.

As part of Petitbon's continually improving defense, linebackers Rich Milot and Mel Kaufman came off the corner on blitzes — sacking Giants quarterback Scott Brunner five times. Kaufman sighed after the game and told The Washington Post's Ken Denlinger: "Sure wish we'd score 35 sometime, so we could let up a bit."

The game also was a tough one for Theismann, in more ways than one. He had struggled in the first half, throwing four interceptions. His best play may have been a block he threw on a Joe Washington 22-yard touchdown scramble off of a halfback option. Then it got truly painful for Theismann. Giants linebacker Byron Hunt blitzed and knocked out two of the quarterback's front teeth. Theismann called time, went to the sidelines — and came back into the game.

"A lot of people said Joe was cocky," Russ Grimm said. "But I'd play for that guy anytime, because he was one of the toughest people I've ever played with."

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Redskins trailed,14-9. Then Riggins rushed eight times for 42 yards in an 11-play, 51-yard drive that set up a 31-yard Moseley field goal, cutting the Giants lead to 14-12.

Next it was Rick Walker's turn. He had 20 catches that season, but few as important as the 20-yard reception that jump-started the Redskins' last drive of the fourth quarter. The Redskins got to the Giants 25 — and let the clock run until just nine seconds were left. They would turn again to Moseley.

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