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And, again, there was Riggins and the Hogs, who dominated Dallas' defensive front, including Randy White. Riggins had 36 carries for 140 yards and two touchdowns. Many of those yards came on a play called 50-gut, where Riggins ran left, looking for a hole between Bostic and Grimm or Grimm and Jacoby. As Gibbs tried to run out the clock, Bostic remembers running 50-gut nine straight times.

"After three or four, in the huddle I said to Russ, 'Play along with me,' " Bostic said. "I got to the line, and I said to Randy White, 'Our coaching staff loves you. We're going to run it over you again.' Then the next play Russ told him. Randy wasn't very happy, but after three or four times, he didn't say a word."

In the game's waning moments, fans were celebrating wildly in the stands, a celebration that overflowed into Washington's streets. Watching it all from his box, Jack Kent Cooke told The Post's Dave Kindred: "This is controlled delirium. There is a coagulation, a community of interest here that is astonishing in its depth. All over this city. The rich, the poor. The black, the white. The communists, the socialists. The affluent, the unpossessed. All are bound together in this city on this day by these Redskins."

Bostic was like many who considered the Dallas victory a defining moment. "The one game that really gave us confidence to go forward in the 1980s was that NFC championship game against Dallas," he said after retiring with three Super Bowl rings. "It was a team built with a lot of young guys, and Dallas was still thought of as the crème de la crème of the NFC."

That confidence was apparent when the Redskins ran on to the field at the Rose Bowl for Super Bowl XVII against Miami, though it did not translate into much immediate scoring.

Miami got off to a 10-3 lead, and then the score began to seesaw. Theismann hit Garrett on a 4-yard touchdown pass, and it was 10-10. Miami's Fulton Walker returned the kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown, making it 17-10. A Moseley field goal cut the Miami lead to 17-13.

In the fourth quarter, on their second possession, the Redskins faced fourth down and inches to go at the Miami 43. Gibbs decided to go for it, in part because his defense was playing well and in part because he had Riggins and The Hogs. Kim Bokamper was the Miami defensive end across from Jacoby, and it was to that corner that Riggins would run on a play called 70 Chip.

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