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Riggins, who had rushed for 553 yards in eight regular season games, had rolled up 610 yards in four playoff contests. For the Redskins as a whole, the four post-season wins in January of 1983 were just one shy of all post-season victories in the history of the franchise.

On February 2, an estimated 500,000 people stood in the rain along Pennsylvania Avenue for the Super Bowl parade. Though players in the future would earn more money, there might never have been a better time to be a Redskin in Washington.

"The first Super Bowl was so different," said Bostic, "because we had never been there and we had never won one. The apprehension and butterflies I felt before the first one, I never had in the second, third and fourth. The one I might appreciate the most is the one we won in 1991, because of my age. In '82, I was in my third year, and we were such a young team, we thought, `Didn't everybody go to the Super Bowl?' You didn't have the proper appreciation for it."

That would be apparent a year later when the Redskins went to another Super Bowl after a 1983 regular season marked by an extraordinary offensive effort and by the arrival of a 5-foot, 9-inch player from Texas A&I.

Beathard usually traded down in drafts. But since he was going last in the first round that year, he kept the pick and chose a speedy, 182-pound cornerback. His name was Darrell Green, and he would be a critical part of the Redskins defense for years to come.

"I thought he was awfully small, and I didn't know how a guy his size would hold up," Petitbon said. "But Darrell got to be a big little guy. He was strong and remained healthy. He was fun to work with and has a tremendous personality. Of all the guys, Darrell enabled us to do a lot on defense. We would put him on a guy one-on-one and then play against the other 10. That was a great advantage. We had to do a lot of dogging [blitzing], and without Darrell, I'm not sure we could've done that."

In the season opener, Green impressed fans as well, but that didn't stop Dallas from beating the Redskins, 31-30 — a loss that turned out to be an important wake-up call for the Redskins. After that, the Redskins rolled over nearly every opponent, with victories in 16 of the next 17 games. Their offensive assault was stunning:

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