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The level is entered and served by a spacious main concourse that rings the stadium. This concourse, like the one that circles the top level's general-seating area, is 50 feet wide, compared with RFK's 20-foot-wide concourses.

The main concourse contains, among other things, the Redskins Hall of Fame, displaying memorabilia and exhibits, with a souvenir store next door.

It also has 16-cashier food stands each at the north, east, south and west ends. Two of the concessions are grill stands serving hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage sandwiches, french fries and beverages, the stadium's main fare. The third stand has an Italian theme with pizza, garlic bread and pasta. The fourth is "steak and Greek" food. Each corner concession also has a souvenir stand next door.

In addition, the main concourse includes eight "specialty" concessions with such themes as baked goods, Mexican food, barbecue or deli sandwiches. There are 50 portable carts selling lemonade, draft beer, pretzels or ice cream.

Near the main level is a central kitchen with an executive chef and 180 cooks, according to Volume Services, Inc. The company expects about 100,000 transactions for a game.

For general-seating fans who don't want to leave their 19-inch wide seats, 500 vendors prowl the aisles hawking everything from beer to soda to sausage sandwiches, gyros, salads and chili.

The main concourse has numerous TV sets — there are 1,100 in the stadium, from concourses to luxury suites — but it has only two direct views of the playing field: from 160-seat bar/restaurants behind each end zone, where you can sip a single-malt scotch or munch a burger.

The concourse also has its share of the stadium's 74 restrooms, with slightly more for women than for men, which is not uncommon at modern stadiums seeking to broaden their audiences. At RFK, nearly three-quarters of the restroom facilities were for men.

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