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SAMMY BAUGH PRESS LEVEL: One flight up a ramp are the press boxes. They can accommodate up to 200 members of the media, with 10 booths equipped for TV and radio journalists.

JOE GIBBS LEVEL: Named for the Redskins coach of the 1980s and early 1990s, this level holds the 15,000 yellow club seat, which are about an inch wider than general seats. They go for $995 to $1,995 a season. Reached by either two, 40-inch-wide escalators or 16-foot-wide ramps, the club concourse has three buffet lounges with meat carving, brunch items and such made-to-order meals as sushi, eggs Benedict and Chinese fare.

The concourse also has a 250-seat brewpub serving scotches, expensive steak dishes and wines from a stadium wine cellar. Eight concessions and 16 portable carts provide additional food and drink on the club concourse.

If club-level fans don't feel like leaving their seats, they can order food and drinks from one of 50 or so waiters and waitresses serving the club section. Menus are distributed before the game, and the waiters and waitresses have hand-held machines to zap orders to a nearby kitchen. A runner is expected to bring the food within five minutes, and drinks can be rested in back-of-the-seat cup holders.

VINCE LOMBARDI LEVEL: Just above the club seats are the 142 lower-level luxury suites, which accommodate 14 to 18 people each. This level, named for the late 1969-70 Redskins coach, is reached through one of eight elevators or by ramps. The suites are heated and air-conditioned, with wall-to-wall carpeting, mahogany wet bars, cushioned mahogany seats, two TV sets, marble bathrooms and wallpaper.

Drinks are lined up behind a cash bar, and special food arrangements are made with Volume Services. Waitress and waiter service is available.

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