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Maybe you didn't like the guy, but you respect the position."

Taylor was so gifted that NFL scouts thought he could have made the Hall of Fame on defense. By leading the league with 72 catches and turning them into 1,119 yards and 12 touchdowns, Taylor in 1966 immediately showed the talent that would get him there as a wide receiver.

In fact, the entire the Redskins passing attack was potent almost beyond belief. Taylor led the league in receiving in 1966 and 1967. Smith was second in 1967 and Mitchell fourth. Jurgensen set NFL records in 1967 for pass attempts (508), completions (288) and yards (3,747). His 31 touchdown passes set a Redskins record. That sort of excitement — plus rookie place-kicker Charlie Gogolak scoring a Redskins-record 105 points in 1966 — triggered a string of stadium sellouts that never seemed to end.

Atop this were high-scoring 1966 duels with the Cowboys that set the tone for a rivalry that became as fierce as any in the NFL. The Cowboys won the first game, 31- 30, at D.C. Stadium. The Redskins then won in Dallas, 34-31. In between, at home against the Giants on November 27, the Redskins put on a scoring binge unlike any other in the NFL — one that was pure heaven to Huff.

"I knew the Giants were awful," Huff said of his former team, "and what a great feeling it was. Getting Sherman fired had been my goal. I lived and breathed for the day he got fired. That's how much I hated the guy . . . So I looked at the films [before the game] and, man, they were terrible. I thought we'd score 60 points against `em with Sonny. I even told him that before the game."

The points came quickly and in bunches. By the time the Redskins were leading 49-41, an embarrassed Huff met Jurgensen as the Redskins defense was going back on the field. "How many points do I have to score?" Jurgensen yelled. Replied Huff: "Don't let up, don't let up."

Jurgensen didn't. With 20 seconds left, the Redskins were on the New York 20 and ahead 69-41. Jurgensen was prepared to drop to his knee on the next play and let the clock run out. On the Washington sideline, however, someone yelled: "Field goal team."

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