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Larry Brown
Spotting talent: "When the rest of these guys are gone, he'll still be here," Lombardi said of Larry Brown, here in his rookie year.
(The Washington Post)
Sometimes they were. They lost to the Colts, 41-17, to the eventual division-champion Cowboys, 41-28, to the Rams, 24-13. Like Graham's teams, the Redskins under Lombardi that year allowed more points than they scored. But they finished with the first winning season in 14 years, 7-5-2. Jurgensen completed 62 percent of his passes, for 3,102 yards and 22 touchdowns. Brown gained 888 yards rushing and was runner-up to the Cowboys' Calvin Hill in rookie-of-the-year voting.

One of those disheartened about his own performance was Huff, who announced his retirement as a player after the season. "I'd been struggling to get to the cutoff spot," he said, referring to the place where a runner makes his move back upfield during a sweep.

"I could still make the tackle. But even they weren't crisp. You see this on film. You see yourself struggling, still making the play but really having a tough time. "So we coaches are watching films — and Lombardi never knew anybody's name. All of a sudden he says, `Who in the hell is that No. 70? We gotta get rid of him next year.' I said: `Hey, wait a minute. That's me.' " Williams was euphoric about the team's progress and said of Lombardi: "He may have done his greatest coaching job . . . If there were some way to measure what one can do with the material at hand, I think we could demonstrate he did his greatest job here."

Lombardi talked about how much more was needed. "Once you win a team's heart," he said, "they'll follow you anywhere. They'll do anything for you. I haven't won this team's heart yet, maybe. But it's not for lack of trying. And I'll keep trying."

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