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 World Cup ' 98


Post Columnists Covering the World Cup

William Gildea | Thomas Boswell |  Jim Hoagland |  Tony Kornheiser | Leonard Shapiro

Cup View / William Gildea

William Gildea began working for The Washington Post in 1965, having graduated from Columbia University's graduate program in 1961.

He has covered three World Cups: 1990 in Italy, 1994 in the United States and 1998 in France. He also has covered four Olympics: 1972 in Munich, 1988 in Seoul, 1992 in Barcelona and 1996 in Atlanta.

Gildea is the author of two books: "When the Colts Belonged to Baltimore: A Father and a Son, a Team and a Time" (Johns Hopkins University Press) and "Where the Game Matters Most: A Last-Chance Season in Indiana High School Basketball" (Little Brown).

Gildea is from Baltimore. He and his wife live in Bethesda.

JULY 14: Zidane's Rise, Ronaldo's Fall and a Month of Memories

JULY 13: The Glamour May Be With Brazil but the Glory Belongs to Zidane

JULY 12: A Far-Flung Event Boils Down to a Moment Mirroring Us All

JULY 11: Ronaldo Is Ready to Have the Time of His Life

JULY 10: Les Bleus Bask Coolly in France's Glow

JULY 9: Undefeated France Has Nothing to Lose

JULY 8: A Worthy Struggle With a Fitting End

JULY 7: Beholders to Eye Beauty of Brazil vs. Netherlands

JULY 6: With a Little Luck, Final Could Be a Dutch Treat

JULY 5: Make No Mistake, Dutch Team Is the Real Deal

JULY 4: Force of Italy's Last Kick Has a Familiar Sting

JULY 3: Dunga Rants And Brazil's Fans Rave

JULY 2: So Far, So Very Good

JULY 1: Even on the Screen, Great Theater

JUNE 30: The Hand of God Has Left Mark on England

JUNE 29: Super Eagles No Longer Soar After Danes Inflict Pains

JUNE 28: And the Brazilian Beat Goes On and On

JUNE 27: This Heavyweight Round of 16 Is a Real Knockout

JUNE 26: Too Many Moves Leaves U.S. Standing Still

JUNE 24: In a Sport That Inspires Emotions, Italy's Got the Blues

JUNE 23: For Americans, Soccer Is Merely a Casual Affair

JUNE 22: It Was a No-Win Situation and, Sadly, the U.S. Didn't

JUNE 21: Zizou's Ejection Produces a Bitter French Whine

JUNE 20: Nigeria's One Half Better Than Bulgaria's Whole

JUNE 19: With Son in Mind, Passarella Shapes Argentina's Dream

JUNE 18: Among Many Hard Workers, Strikers Stand Out

JUNE 17: The Shame of the Game: Hooligans

JUNE 16: Lacking a Spark, U.S. Gets Burned

JUNE 15: Let's Hear It for the Boyz

JUNE 14: Add Another Tie That Binds Belgians, Dutch

JUNE 13: South Africa Is Left With a French Impression

JUNE 12: 'The Boys' of South Africa Face a Man-Sized Job

JUNE 11: Brazil Leaves Scotland's Brave Hearts Broken

JUNE 10: In Brazil, They Must Play 'the Beautiful Game'

JUNE 9: People Gather to Gaze at the Stars

Thomas Boswell

JUNE 13: Soccer Can't Match Hockey's Kick

Jim Hoagland

JULY 9: The Game of Nations

Tony Kornheiser

JUNE 23: Satan Has a Devil of a Time

Sports Waves / Leonard Shapiro

JULY 15: For Cup Coverage, ABC's Final Score Is Nil-Nil

JUNE 28: Few Are Following the Bouncing Ball

JUNE 10: For First Time, Every Game Will Be Broadcast

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