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French Celebrate Victory
French celebration
(Gabriel Bouys/AFP)
About 600,000 people packed the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Monday to celebrate France's first World Cup title.
 FINAL: France 3, Brazil 0
 Movie: A Look at the Fans of the World Cup

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Cup Offers Month Full of Memories
party in paris
(Eric Draper/Associated Press)
Columnist William Gildea writes that the rise of Zinedine Zidane (pictured) and the fall of Ronaldo were part of the many memories from this year's World Cup.

 Column Archives

 The Post's Steven Goff Picks His Highlights and Lowlights

Victory Is Both Bitter And Sweet for Cup
Despite a wealth of exciting, quality soccer at this year's World Cup, it will be difficult to forget the Air France strike, English and German hooliganism and missing tickets.
Before and After Match, Celebrations
At restaurants and bistros in Georgetown and elsewhere in the area, the 3-0 French victory prompted a glimpse of the soccer mania that grips most of the rest of the world.
In Culture, It's America 1, France 0
It was France's ultimate moment, their happiest day since they waved au revoir to the Nazis a half-century ago. Instead, it was the ultimate triumph of American culture.
Perspective Graphic France Rebukes Tactical Trends
Go figure that a team without a single credible striker could score three goals in the World Cup final while shutting out the world's most potent team. That's what happened Sunday, writes Alex Johnson in this week's World of Soccer column.
Ronaldo Sick Before Sunday's World Final
Brazil's team doctor confirmed that Ronaldo suffered convulsions before the match.
 Notebook Archives
Good Defense Begins at Home
France's defense was flawless against the most feared attack in the tournament.
Suker Helps Croatia Finish Third
Davor Suker (right)
(Rick Bowmer/AP)
Davor Suker (right) scored his tournament-leading sixth goal Saturday as Croatia beat the Netherlands, 2-1, for third place.
3 Coaches Contacted About U.S. Vacancy
U.S. soccer officials have discussed their coaching vacancy with three highly regarded foreign coaches.
FIFA's Blatter Calls For 2nd Referee
FIFA President Joseph "Sepp" Blatter says that using two referees instead of one while cutting down on assistant referees might improve officiating.
suker (Gregory Dukor/Reuters)
Croatia's Suker
Leads All-Stars

Croatia's Davor Suker, who tied for the World Cup scoring lead with five goals, topped FIFA's all-star team announced Friday. France and Brazil, Sunday's finalists, each placed four players on the team.

Title Round
France 3, Brazil 0

Croatia 2, Neth. 1

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First-Round Standings
First-Round Results

Media Graphic For Cup Coverage, ABC Is Lacking
With a chance to show off the world's most watched sporting event, ABC's coverage of the final — and most of the tournament — came up short.
 Few Are Following the Bouncing Ball

andres cantor (Thomas Kienzle/AP)
Is Golden for Cantor

The charisma of Andres Cantor (above), known throughout the world for his distinctive "GOOOOOLLLLL!" call, helps Univision's appeal transcend the language barrier.
Ronaldo Quiz!
Take our quiz and test your knowledge about Brazil's Ronaldo, the world's premier soccer player.
Ronaldo Quiz
Soccer Teams
Losing Identities

Soccer teams are losing their national identities, enhancing a transformation already underway in Europe: the melting of borders and the mixing of cultures.

just for fun
 David Letterman: Top 10 Signs French Are Celebrating
 David Letterman: Top 10 Ways to Liven Up Soccer
en espanol
Brasil Deja Copa en Europa
 El Encanto de Cantor

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