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 World Cup ' 98


World Cup Notebook Archive

world cup notebook

JULY 14: Doctor Confirms Ronaldo Had Convulsions

JULY 13: France Coach Jacquet Rips Homeland Press

JULY 12: Platini Cries for Sastre, Rejoices for France

JULY 11: Ronaldo, Desailly Head All-Cup Team

JULY 10: Blanc Is Suspended Two Games

JULY 9: European Clubs Place a High Price on Pope

JULY 8: Blatter Cries Foul Over Replay Snub

JULY 7: Killing in Bosnia Assailed

JULY 6: Netherlands' Bogarde Is Out With Broken Leg

JULY 5: Queen's Ire Raised by Disallowed Goal

JULY 4: Fan Linked to Stabbing Faces Judge

JULY 3: After 2 Rounds, No Drugs Found

JULY 2: Beckham, England Are Left in a Pall

JUNE 29: England Unhappy With Ticket Allocation

JUNE 28: FIFA Head Deplores 'Acts of Terrorism'

JUNE 26: Referees Commended for Right Calls

JUNE 25: Refs Have It Rough in the Early Rounds

JUNE 24: Iranians Rewarded for Win Over U.S.

JUNE 23: Governments Must Help Stop Fan Violence

JUNE 22: Sampson Might Be History

JUNE 21: Unhappy Saudis Fire Parreira as Coach

JUNE 18: Colombian Kicked Off Team

JUNE 16: Some U.S. Fans Suffer Through Ticket Scam

JUNE 15: Police Make Arrests in Marseille

JUNE 14: U.S. Team Gets Its Day in the Paris Sun

JUNE 13: Germans Say They Respect U.S. Team

JUNE 12: No Bull: Cows' Blood Helps Ailing Calf

JUNE 11: Wynalda Eyes Europe After Cup

JUNE 10: Cup Organizer Platini Blasts Lack of Support

JUNE 9: France Detains Nine Terrorist Suspects

JUNE 8: Akers of U.S. Team Is Honored by FIFA

JUNE 7: Brit Sorry for Night on Town

JUNE 6: England in Uproar Over Player Conduct

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