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 World Cup ' 98

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Late Goal by Croatia's Suker Eliminates Japan
Croatia's Davor Suker scored in the 77th minute on June 20, and Croatia beat Japan, 1-0. The loss eliminated Japan, competing in its first Cup.

From AP

 JUNE 14: Japan Loses 1-0 in Its World Cup Debut
 JUNE 20: Suker's Score Puts Croatia Close to Advancing
 JUNE 26: Jamaica Wins First World Cup Game
 Japan Has Fever but Needs Confidence
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World Cup Highlights

 First appearance in World Cup finals
 Won bronze medal in the 1968 Mexico Olympics
 Won 1992 Asian Cup in Hiroshima
 Won Asian-African championships in Tokyo 1993

First-Round Results

Day Opponent Site
Sunday, June 14 Argentina 1, Japan 0 Toulouse
Saturday, June 20 Croatia 1, Japan 0 Nantes
Friday, June 26 Jamaica 2, Japan 1 Lyon

Complete First-Round Results


Pos. Name Age Club
GKYoshikatsu Kawaguchi23Yokohama Marinos
GKNoboyuki Kojima32Bellmare Hiratsuka
GKSeigo Narazaki21Yokohama Flugels
DMasami Ihara30Yokohama Marinos
DNaoki Soma26Kashima Antlers
DAkira Narahashi26Kashima Antlers
DYutaka Akita27Kashima Antlers
DNorio Omura28Yokohama Marinos
DEisuke Nakanishi24JEF Utd Ichihara
DToshihide Saito28Shimizu S-Pulse
MMotohiro Yamaguchi 28Yokohama Flugels
MHidetoshi Nakata21Bellmare Hiratsuka
MHiroshi Nanami24Jubilo Iwata
MShinji Ono18Urawa Red Diamonds
MToshihiro Hattori24Jubilo Iwata
MHiroaki Morishima25Cerezo Osaka
MTeruyoshi Ito23Shimizu S-Pulse
MTakashi Hirano23Nagoya Grampus-8
FWagner Lopes29Bellmare Hiratsuka
FShoji Jo22Yokohama Marinos
FMasashi Nakayama30Jubilo Iwata
FMasayuki Okano25Urawa Red Diamonds

Road to France

Won Lost Tied GF GA
How Qualified: 2nd place in AFC Group B, defeated Iran in playoff
AFC Third-Place Match
Nov. 16, 1997 Japan 3, Iran 2
AFC Second Round: Group B
Nov. 8, 1997Japan 5, Kazakhstan 1
Nov. 1, 1997South Korea 0, Japan 2
Oct. 26, 1997Japan 1, United Arab Emirates 1
Oct. 11, 1997Uzbekistan 1, Japan 1
Oct. 4, 1997Kazakhstan 1, Japan 1
Sept. 28, 1997Japan 1, South Korea 2
Sept. 19, 1997United Arab Emirates 0, Japan 0
Sept. 7, 1997Japan 6, Uzbekistan 3
AFC First Round: Group 4
June 28, 1997Japan 1, Oman 1
June 25, 1997Japan 3, Nepal 0
June 22, 1997Japan 10, Macao 0
March 27, 1997Nepal 0, Japan 6
March 25, 1997Macao 0, Japan 10
March 23, 1997Oman 0, Japan 1

Facts and Figures

Location: Eastern Asia, island chain between the north Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean peninsula
Population: 125.5 million (1995 estimate)
Capital: Tokyo
Comparative area: Slightly smaller than California
Religions: Observe both Shinto and Buddhist 84 percent, other 16 percent (including 0.7 Christian)
Landscape: Mostly rugged and mountainous; four large islands and thousands of smaller ones make up Japan; four major islands — Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku — form a curve that extends for 1,200 miles

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