Drive-by fans

Drive-by fans are 26 percent of D.C. area population. Although they claim to be casual sports fans, Drive-by fans are a relatively disengaged group. They might catch some sports on TV but don't go out of their way.

Defining characteristics

If they are going to watch sports, they are much more likely to watch on TV than to go see a live game. They are much more interested in professional than college sports. But they don't particularly care for the home teams (except the Redskins). And they are not likely to spend money on sports in any way.

Who they are

Fully 57 percent are both non-white and middle-aged. They are the least educated of all the groups with about a quarter with a high school degree or less.

Drive-by fans:

  • Are more likely to be non-white
  • Are more likely to be 40 to 64 years old

About this quiz

The questions for this quiz come from a D.C.-area sports poll conducted over the summer. The full questionnaire is available at The poll results show there are four main types of fans, with the questions in the quiz good predictors for these four groups — mega, hometown, social and drive-by fans. Some combinations of responses do not match well with any group. If you feel misaligned with a designated fan type that does not mean there is anything wrong with your answers, or the quiz. The quiz is for fun and your answer combinations are unique.

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