Hometown fans

Hometown fans are 21 percent of D.C. area population. They are are long-time D.C. area residents who care deeply about the hometown teams. Over half see themselves as "regular" fans.

Defining characteristics

They are the most likely to see Washington as an above average sports town. They love basketball — both college and NBA. They have high favorable ratings for all the home teams — especially the Wizards and Redskins — but also the Nationals, the Capitals and D.C. United. Overall, they care just as much about the NFL as Megafans, but are less intense. They like to follow their favorite teams and players in print newspapers more than other sources.

Who they are

Over half are age 50 or older and nearly four in 10 are African American, far more so than others in the D.C. area. Nearly six in 10 do not have a college degree and have somewhat lower household income than most D.C. area residents. Three-quarters have lived in the D.C. area for 15 years or longer.

Hometown fans:

  • Rate D.C. as an above average sports town
  • Read the paper for sports news
  • Are more likely to be African American
  • Are less likely to be college graduates
  • Have lower incomes
  • Are more likely to be age 50 or older
  • Have lived in the DC area 15 years or longer

About this quiz

The questions for this quiz come from a D.C.-area sports poll conducted over the summer. The full questionnaire is available at www.washingtonpost.com/polls. The poll results show there are four main types of fans, with the questions in the quiz good predictors for these four groups — mega, hometown, social and drive-by fans. Some combinations of responses do not match well with any group. If you feel misaligned with a designated fan type that does not mean there is anything wrong with your answers, or the quiz. The quiz is for fun and your answer combinations are unique.

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