Social fans

Social fans are 19 percent of D.C. area population. They say they are sports fans, but only in a casual way. Engagement with sports is mainly a social function.

Defining characteristics

If they are going to watch sports they prefer to see games live rather than watch on TV. If they go to a game, it's mostly with friends. No particular sport rises to the top as the one they want to see live. They are not particularly favorable toward the hometown teams, but they do rate Nationals Park more highly than others D.C. area stadiums. They are ambivalent toward hometown sports figures and executives. Although they are causal fans, over half have bought some article of sports logoed gear in the past year.

Who they are

At 62 percent, they are the most female of the typology groups. They are the youngest and most highly educated — 36 percent are under age 30 and 36 percent have post-graduate degrees. They are most likely to be new D.C. residents with 45 percent living here less than 15 years.

Social fans:

  • Like to go to games with friends
  • Are more likely to be women
  • Are the youngest type of fan
  • Are the most well-educated
  • Are likely to have lived in the DC area less than 15 years
  • Rate Nationals ballpark as "excellent" or "good"

About this quiz

The questions for this quiz come from a D.C.-area sports poll conducted over the summer. The full questionnaire is available at The poll results show there are four main types of fans, with the questions in the quiz good predictors for these four groups — mega, hometown, social and drive-by fans. Some combinations of responses do not match well with any group. If you feel misaligned with a designated fan type that does not mean there is anything wrong with your answers, or the quiz. The quiz is for fun and your answer combinations are unique.

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