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  Last Year Strengths and Weaknesses

Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 215
Exp. (College):
9th yr (Arizona)
G: 2
PPG: 13.0
APG.: 10.0
FG%: 26.1
Strengths: When healthy, one of the league's best players. Fearless competitor, devastating scorer with limitless range. Embraces clutch situations and can break down defenders off the dribble. Assuming more of a leadership role.
Weaknesses: Arenas has played just 15 games in the past two seasons with a thrice surgically repaired left knee. Still learning to balance scoring with making plays for others. His effort defensively is inconsistent.
[Photo] [1] NICK YOUNG

Ht: 6-6 | Wt: 200
Exp. (College):
3rd yr (Southern California)
G: 82
PPG: 10.9
APG.: 1.2
FG%: 44.4
Strengths: A great one-on-one scorer, Young has begun to generate offense coming off screens and with limited dribbling. Streaky shooter can score in bunches. Excellent leaper.
Weaknesses: Loses focus when shots stop falling. Remains a mediocre defender who struggles when coming off screens. Needs to develop better all-around game.

Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 218
Exp. (High School):
10th yr (Washington Union)
G: 32
PPG: 6.6
APG.: 3.1
FG%: 31.2
Strengths: The team's best and most tenacious perimeter defender. Enjoys doing the dirty work. Tough competitor. Was considered durable before back injury last season.
Weaknesses: Never a consistent shooter, shot a career-low 31.2 percent last season, when he missed 50 games with a back injury. Recovering from back surgery.
[Photo] [3] CARON BUTLER

Ht:: 6-7 | Wt: 228
Exp. (College):
8th yr (Connecticut)
G: 67
PPG: 20.8
APG.: 4.3
FG%: 45.3
Strengths: Versatile talent, Butler and LeBron James were the only two players to average 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists last season. Two-time all-star, has great instincts for steals. One of three captains with Jamison and Arenas.
Weaknesses: Butler has struggled with durability, missing 58 combined games the past three seasons. Tendency to gamble has kept him from becoming a better on-ball defender. Poor ball-handler but decent passer.

Ht: 6-9 | Wt: 235
Exp. (College):
12th yr (UNC)
G: 81
PPG: 22.2
RPG.: 8.9
FG%: 46.8
Strengths: Professional and dependable. One of two players to average at least 19.5 points and 7.5 rebounds each of past five seasons. Quick, unorthodox shot-maker who can spread the floor, make three-pointers. Deceptive rebounder.
Weaknesses: Usually durable, Jamison will miss the first three to five weeks of the regular season after suffering right shoulder injury. Lacks the size to guard most power forwards and the quickness to stay with small forwards. Rarely sets up shots for others.

Ht: 6-9 | Wt: 220
Exp. (College):
3rd yr (Fresno State)
G: 79
PPG: 4.5
RPG.: 5.4
FG%: 43.2
Strengths: Versatile forward who can play three positions, McGuire is a rugged, physical defender and a solid rebounder. Had 57 starts last seasonO, third-best on the team.
Weaknesses: Inconsistent outside shooter, he has yet to find a reliable shot to earn his spot.
[Photo] [6] MIKE MILLER

Ht: 6-8 | Wt: 218
Exp. (College):
10th yr (Florida)
G: 73
PPG: 9.9
APG.: 4.5
FG%: 48.2
Strengths: A career 40.1 percent three-point shooter and has twice shot 50 percent or better from the field for a full season three times.
Weaknesses: Coming off a season in which he averaged career-worst 9.9 points and shot below 40 percent from beyond the three-point line (37.8 percent) for the first time in five seasons.

Ht:: 6-11 | Wt: 248
Exp. (High School):
5th yr (S. Kent Prep)
G: 71
PPG: 10.0
RPG.: 5.3
FG%: 47.1
Strengths: Versatile big man with quickness, agility and ball-handling skills. Can play any position from small forward to center. Can rebound, block shots and is a capable scorer.
Weaknesses: Still seeking to harness talent and become more reliable and consistent. Needs to develop better work habits. Tends to drift and lose focus. Jump shot remains unsteady.

Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 200
Exp. (College):
3rd yr (Ga. Tech)
G: 63
PPG: 5.0
APG.: 2.4
FG%: 46.0
Strengths: Mature young player who can push the ball in transition, change the tempo and pressure opposing guards defensively. Showed flashes of skills and speed in first career opportunity for playing time last season.
Weaknesses: Has been slowed by bone bruise and tendon strain in left foot. Learning his fourth different offense with his third team. Awkward form on jump shot has dreadful results.
[Photo] [13] MIKE JAMES

Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 188
Exp. (College):
9th yr (Duquesne)
G: 61
PPG: 8.7
APG.: 3.3
FG%: 38.3
Strengths: Streaky shooter averaged 9.6 points in 53 games (50 starts) after joining team. Trusty, competitive veteran. Career 37.8 percent three-point shooter.
Weaknesses: Faces uphill battle for playing time with crowded backcourt. James's confidence gets him in trouble and convinces him he can take bad shots. Poor defender.
[Photo] [15] RANDY FOYE

Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 213
Exp. (College):
4th yr (Villanova)
G: 70
PPG: 16.3
APG.: 4.3
FG%: 40.7
Strengths: Combo guard has steadily improved each season. Averaged 16.3 points and gained confidence as primary clutch performer last season in Minnesota. Can create one-on-one and defend both guard positions.
Weaknesses: Doesn't play well off the ball. Rarely gets enough elevation to avoid having shot blocked in the lane. Shoot-first mentality makes it hard for him to create for others.

Ht: : 6-10 | Wt: 245
Exp. (Country):
5th yr (Argentina)
G: 54
PPG: 2.6
APG.: 2.6
FG%: 58.7
Strengths: Clever veteran defender who delivers hard fouls and takes charges. Sets excellent screens. Won a championship in San Antonio in 2007 and gold medal for Argentina in 2004.
Weaknesses: A poor outside shooter and limited low-post scorer. His below-the-rim game makes him an average rebounder. Had heart procedure last June and lacks conditioning.

Ht: 7-0 | Wt: 263
Exp. (College):
9th yr (UNC)
G: 6
PPG: 9.7
RPG.: 7.3
FG%: 48.0
Strengths: A 7-footer with the size to protect the rim and rebound, Haywood is smart, hard working and fundamentally sound. Had career-year in 2007-08, when the Wizards finished 12th in points allowed and 17th in FG percentage defense (46.1). Has developed a consistent jump hook.
Weaknesses: Missed 75 games because of right wrist surgery last season. Not a physical player or exceptional rebounder for his size.
[Photo] [34] JAVALE MCGEE

Ht: 7-0 | Wt: 237
Exp. (College):
2nd yr (Nevada Reno)
G: 75
PPG: 6.5
RPG.: 3.9
FG%: 49.4
Strengths: One of the most athletic big men in the NBA. Has incredible size and length. Tantalizing talent who can block shots and supply highlight dunks. Has a decent midrange jumper.
Weaknesses: Game still moves too fast for him. Can look lost on the floor and grows fatigued quickly. Remains somewhat raw. Focus on shot-blocking keeps him from being a better rebounder.

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The Coach

Experience: 14th season | Record: 587-396 (playoffs, 47-51)
Reputation: An innovative offensive coach whose defenses generally rank among the best, Saunders has the seventh-best career winning percentage (.597) among coaches with at least 900 games coached. Has seven 50-win seasons and made four conference finals appearances.

Strengths: A great communicator who uses inventive methods to convey his messages such as putting his extensive playbook on iPods. Point guards usually flourish in his offense, which relies on cutting, ball movement and midrange jumpers. He also has had success on defense using the matchup zone.

Weaknesses: Despite an impressive regular season record, he has a losing postseason record. Has reached the playoffs 11 times, but won just eight playoff series. Lost in the first round in his first seven postseason appearances. Has yet to reach the Finals after four trips to the conference finals. Fails to make good adjustments in tough playoff series. Avoids confrontation.

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