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  • Shalonda Enis
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  •   National TV Games

    Date Game Time * Network
    June 10 Houston at Orlando 8 p.m.Lifetime
    June 12 Washington at Houston 4 p.m. NBC
    June 14 Washington at New York 7:30 p.m. ESPN
    June 18Los Angeles at New York 7 p.m.Lifetime
    June 22Los Angeles at Houston8 p.m.ESPN
    June 25Houston at Washington 7 p.m.Lifetime
    June 26Phoenix at Detroit4 p.m.NBC
    June 28Phoenix at Cleveland7:30 p.m. ESPN
    July 2Sacramento at Washington8 p.m.Lifetime
    July 3New York at Houston2 p.m.NBC
    July 6New York at Washington7:30 p.m.ESPN
    July 9Houston at Phoenix8 p.m.Lifetime
    July 10Washington at Detroit1 p.m.NBC
    July 14WNBA All-Star GameTBAESPN
    July 16 Sacramento at Cleveland8 p.m.Lifetime
    July 17Los Angeles at Phoenix4 p.m.NBC
    July 19Houston at Phoneix8 p.m.ESPN
    July 23Washington at Minnesota8 p.m.Lifetime
    July 24New York at Los Angeles4 p.m.NBC
    July 26Charlotte at New York7:30 p.m.ESPN
    July 30Utah at Los Angeles9 p.m.Lifetime
    July 31Phoenix at Houston4 p.m.NBC
    Aug. 2Phoenix at Minnesota8 p.m.ESPN
    Aug. 6New York at Phoenix9 p.m.Lifetime
    Aug. 7Washington at Cleveland4 p.m.NBC
    Aug. 8 Houston at New York4 p.m.NBC
    Aug. 9New York at Orlando8 p.m.ESPN
    Aug. 13New York at Detroit8 p.m.Lifetime
    Aug. 14Los Angeles at Washington4 p.m.NBC
    Aug. 16Utah at Houston8 p.m. ESPN
    Aug. 20Detroit at Charlotte8 p.m.Lifetime
    Aug. 21New York at Cleveland2 p.m.NBC

    * All times Eastern

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