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  The Navigator: It's in the Mailbag
By Linton Weeks
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 27, 1998

    Illustration by David Brion for The Washington Post
Dear Navigator,
Your article on Matt Drudge (July 16) failed to mention the funniest Drudge parody in all of cyberspace.
Mark Katz

Dear Navigator,
Certainly glad you pointed out that the Newsweek-filching-cyber-bottom-feeder's site is basically links. The day he "reports" a critical piece on conservatives, he's history.
Bob Hirschfeld

Dear Navigator,
You are the first mainstream journalist who has figured out that Drudge's Web site is a newsroom. Regular old people can go there and have quick access to newspapers and news services all over the world.

When I attended Drudge's speech at the National Press Club I sat next to a lady who is a longtime member. When I asked her where she lives, after some other small talk, she gave me a picture of the view from her penthouse on the Jersey side of the Hudson River. Gak! Sorry, but I thought she summed up the modern media establishment. I think that there is hope for you.
Ned Foster

Dear Navigator,
Your reference to the Drudge report as little more than a big page of links was right on target, which renewed a question I've had for a while: Why does this guy get so much press for doing so little?
Jeffrey Bukowski

Dear Navigator,
Kudos for running the "Naked & the Web" (Aug. 7). I was curious, however, why you did not include the Web site of the oldest and largest nudist organization in this country with more than 236 affiliated clubs, the American Association for Nude Recreation (or AANR), at, or its regional division of 67 affiliated clubs from Maine to Georgia, the Eastern Sunbathing Association (or ESA), whose headquarters is located right here in College Park at

Within a two- to three-hour drive of the Capital Beltway, there are no less than 10 AANR-affiliated clubs, campgrounds and resorts including Pine Tree Associates near Crownsville, Md., Health Society (or MAHESO) near Davidsonville, the Potomac Rambling Bares in Oakton, National Capital Sun Club in Leesburg, Pen Mar Club near Hancock, the Delmarva Suncachers in Nassau, Del., Penn Sylvan Health Society near Harrisburg, and White Tail Park, near Petersburg, Va., plus more with Pennsylvania or New Jersey addresses. This only reflects the fact that nude recreation is the fastest-growing segment of the recreation industry, as reported by Forbes magazine in 1992. PS: We don't use the term colonies when referring to our landed clubs. Nudists are found in clubs, resorts and campgrounds, or at free, "clothing optional" or nude beaches. Ants have colonies!
Glenn Williams

Dear Navigator,
Thanks for the nice "exposure." Next time I hope you'll consider Bare Buns, right here in the D.C. suburbs, a very popular and active family-oriented club. We sail on the Chesapeake, go "canuding" on a nearby river, host backyard cookouts, pool parties, etc., and during the cold weather months we host parties at a nearby health club. Check us out at
Gary Brown

Linton Weeks can be reached at

mouse CLICK: And the Bride Wore...   Here's the ultimate collection of bride torment. It's wedding attire people shouldn't put on even if paid. There's the hermetically sealed bridal veil, the train for those people who think "my butt isn't big enough" and maybe additional attention should be brought to it, and a whole category of missteps called simply "flower abuse." But the grand prize goes to "Bride of the Mummy," a dark swirl of fabric tightly wound all the way up to the bride's face – or is that her stomach? You decide.Dan Pacheco

Perturbations, pleasures and predicaments on the I-way

The Other American History
The Making of America Web site is rich with details of life during the Civil War era that didn't quite make it to the second and third drafts of history.

There are 634,068 pages of primary sources from the period. The pages take a while to load because they show the actual images of books and periodicals from before the Civil War out to Reconstruction. Fortunately you can search on a subject using keywords. Thus you can learn that Lincoln's celebrated wit didn't keep him from occasionally bombing, as reported in an 1860 issue of Vanity Fair: "My friends, can you tell me why I am like the early dews of June? Do you give it up? It's because ever of thee I am fondly dreaming!" If this "joke" makes any sense to you, please e-mail an explanation of it.
Mike Musgrove

Let's Hear it for Hair
"The World Wide Web is one of the best things to ever happen to beard lovers," says the anonymous creator of "Beards, Beards and More Beards," an exceptionally attractive site devoted to hairy faces. Created to counter the "predominantly negative attitude that most people have when it comes to beards," the elegant pages are divided into such categories as Artistic (that would be me), Everyday (that, too), and Professional (well . . . ). From Emile Zola to "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening to Thor to some guy holding a cat, if you favor facial hair you can spend hours here comparing locks.
Dave Nuttycombe

Hidden Hostility?
Testing the rubric "that's not a bug; it's a feature," try this: Go into Microsoft Word 6.0 or higher, open a new document, type I'd like to see Bill Gates dead and highlight it. Then pull down the thesaurus under "tools." See if you don't get I'll drink to that. (Actually, it works with any name, including your own.)
Joel Garreau

Found something intriguing, improbable, insane or especially useful on the Net? Write it up and send it to Joel Garreau or Robert Thomason.
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