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$100 Million D.C. Films


Here is a list of movies that have been filmed in Washington, D.C., and have passed $100 million at the U.S. box office and their place on the all-time list. Go to the list of D.C. Movies; Go to a list of all the $100 million movies;

7."Forrest Gump"**$329,690,9741994
13."Independence Day"$306,052,9581996
43."The Exorcist"*$204,661,7311973
64."Planet of the Apes"$180,011,7402001
75."Air Force One"$172,600,0001997
91."The Firm"$158,308,1781993
108."True Lies"$146,273,9501994
117."A Few Good Men"*$141,340,1781992
121."Deep Impact"$140,300,0001998
139."Minority Report"$132,014,1122002
141."The Silence of the Lambs"**$130,742,9221991
169."Clear and Present Danger"$122,010,2521994
174."The Hunt For Red October"$120,702,3261990
181."The Sum of All Fears"$118,471,3202002
206."Enemy of the State"$111,544,4451998
240."In the Line of Fire"$102,238,8621993
253."The Pelican Brief"$100,650,5951993

** – Won Academy Award as Best Picture
* – Nominated for Academy Award as Best Picture

Sources: Exhibitor Relations; The Associated Press

© Copyright 2001 The Washington Post Company