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Fitness GuidePost Table of Contents


Fitness Database: Contains profiles of about 100 area gyms. Can be sorted by geography and by activities or amenities offered by the gym, such as swimming pool, tennis courts or child care services.

Body Calculator: A program that calculates a person's fitness level including body mass index, fat percentage and daily caloric need. It will also show how many calories are burned by specific activity.

Live Talk: Occasional one-hour talk sessions with fitness experts and Post reporters or editors who cover health.

  • Travel editor Craig Stoltz talked about area health spas Monday, Feb. 8.

  • Fitness expert Marty Gallagher answered questions on any aspect of working out on Wednesday, Feb. 10. Read the transcript.
  • Features:

    Photo Gallery: Pictures from area gyms.

    From The Post:

    Sunday, Feb. 7, 1999
    Travel: A survey of area health spas

    Tuesday, Feb. 9, 1999

  • A report on the fitness gap
  • Kids and fitness
  • Senior fitness
  • Why exercise is important
  • How to set fitness goals
  • How fit are you?

    Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1999

  • Portions, explained
  • Diet soups

    Thursday, Feb. 11, 1999

  • Trends in home gyms

    Friday, Feb. 12, 1999

  • How to select a gym

    Other Feature Articles:

  • Get Post fitness columnist Carol Krucoff's latest articles

  • A guide to vitamins

  • A look at the claims of power bars

  • Keys to focusing on working out

  • The best way to treat a sports injury

  • Tips for making wise choices in purchasing home gym equipment

  • Need motivation? Grab a workout buddy

  • Senior citizens and strength training

  • How to pick a personal trainer

  • A roundup of fitness shows on TV

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