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Military Matters

By John Kelly and Craig Stoltz
From the book "Kid-O-Rama"
Copyright 1998


Forts | Battlefields | War Memorials | Other Facilities | Military Bands

Some of our region's most compelling attractions honor those who fought and died for our nation: Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Fort McHenry, the battlefields at Gettysburg and Manassas and others. While the intricacies of military history aren't likely to enthrall little kids, you'll be surprised by how intrigued many of them are by the lives of those involved, from presidents to generals to foot soldiers, or by the scarier aspects of military fortifications. Such matters not only fascinate the young but also can have a lasting effect on them. For children a bit older, military sites can breathe life into textbook tales of American history, attaching faces and places to the glories and tragedies, giving names to the many who paid so terrible a price for the rest of us. This chapter focuses on selected sites that we've found best suited for visits with children, including not only forts and battlefields and memorials but also the Naval Academy and museums, with a touch of the military bands thrown in for good measure.

Forts | Battlefields | War Memorials | Other Facilities | Military Bands


Maryland Virginia
Fort Washington Fort Ward Museum
Fort McHenry  


Pennsylvania Maryland Virginia
Gettysburg National Military Park Antietam National Battlefield Manassas National Battlefield Park
    Ball's Bluff Regional Park

War Memorials

The District Virginia
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Marine Corps Memorial
U.S. Navy Memorial and Naval Heritage Center  
Korean War Veterans Memorial  

Other Facilities and Tales

The District Maryland Virginia
Navy Museum United States Naval Academy Arlington National Cemetery
National Museum of Jewish Military History   Stonewall Jackson Museum at Hupp's Hill

Military Bands

All four branches of the military have crackerjack bands that give free performances around Washington. They rotate from mid-June to August, with different branches playing different nights at different places. Two key venues are the Sylvan Theater, on the grounds of the Washington Monument, where bands perform Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings, and the East Terrace of the U.S. Capitol, where they hold forth Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Call each branch for information on who's where when:

Air Force 202/767-5658
Army 703/696-3399
Navy 202/433-2525
Marine Corps 202/433-4011

The District
Marine Barracks Parade Twilight Tattoo

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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