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Bridal Fashion

Elegant Bride fashion editor Monica Cotto talked about the latest styles.


Couples and Money

Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary discussed financial planning for marriage.


D.C. Weddings

Wedding planner Vicky Johnson offered advice on finding local vendors and the best venues.



Express columnist Dr. Andrea Bonior helped couples deal with wedding-related stress.



Budget Travel editor Nina Willdorf shared tips on getting away from it all after the big day.

To The 'Moon: Destinations

You think the most important words are "I do." We say they're "Where to?" Learn how to make your honeymoon a trip to remember.

Bachelorette Parties

Here are a few bar suggestions for those of you who want to celebrate your loved one's last romp in singledom.

Rehearsal Dinner

Whether your close friends number less than a dozen or over 200, there are plenty of places to raise your glasses together.

Gift Suggestions

Present ideas for your arty, foodie, earthy, romantic, sporty and traditional-minded friends.

Wedding Bands

Eight local performers sure to keep your guests entertained on the dance floor.

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Love and Money

Well before "for richer or poorer," you need to talk about fiscal fidelity. An excerpt from Michelle Singletary's book, "Your Money and Your Man."

Talk Is Not Cheap

A quiz to get you and your future spouse talking about money.

Getting That Gown Out of Town

While there's no foolproof way to transport your dress, we culled these suggestions from wedding and travel experts.

Wedding Day Surprises

Along with wedding season comes the potential for much unintended hilarity. Readers share their favorite wacky wedding stories.

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