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Albert Finney Filmography
Born: May 9, 1936

"Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" (1960)
"The Entertainer" (1960)
"Tom Jones" (1963) (Oscar nomination, best actor)
"The Victors" (1963)
"Night Must Fall" (1964)
"Two for the Road" (1967)
"Charlie Bubbles" (1968)
"The Picasso Summer" (1969)
"Scrooge" (1970)
"Gumshoe" (1972)
"Alpha Beta" (1973)
"Murder on the Orient Express" (1974) (Oscar nomination, best actor)
"The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother" (1975)
"Forget-Me-Not-Lane" (1975)
"The Duellists" (1977)
"Loophole" (1980)
"Wolfen" (1981)
"Looker" (1981)
"Lights, Camera, Annie!" (1982)
"Annie" (1982)
"Shoot the Moon" (1982)
"The Dresser" (1983) (Oscar nomination, best actor)
"The Biko Inquest" (1984)
"Notes from Under the Volcano" (1984)
"Observations Under the Volcano" (1984)
"Under the Volcano" (1984) (Oscar nomination, best actor)
"Pope John Paul II" (1984)
"Orphans" (1987)
"Miller's Crossing" (1990)
"The Wall: Live in Berlin" (1990)
"The Green Man" (1990)
"The Endless Game" (1990)
"The Image" (1990)
"The Playboys" (1992)
"Rich in Love" (1992)
"A Man of No Importance" (1994)
"The Browning Version" (1994)
"The Run of the Country" (1995)
"Washington Square" (1997)
"A Rather English Marriage" (1998)
"Simpatico" (1999)
"Breakfast of Champions" (1999)
"Erin Brockovich" (2000) (Oscar nomination, best supporting actor)
"Traffic" (2000)
"Delivering Milo" (2001)
"Hemingway, the Hunter of Death" (2001)
"The Gathering Storm" (2002)
"My Uncle Silas II" (2003)
"Big Fish" (2003)

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