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Billy Zane Filmography
Born: Feb. 24, 1966

"Back to the Future" (1985)
"Brotherhood of Justice" (1986)
"Critters" (1986)
"The Case of the Hillside Stranglers" (1989)
"Dead Calm" (1989)
"Babes Ahoy" (1989)
"Back to the Future Part II" (1989)
"Megaville" (1990)
"Memphis Belle" (1990)
"Blood and Concrete" (1991)
"Femme Fatale" (1991)
"Miliardi" (1991)
"Betrayal of the Dove (1993)
"Flashfire" (1993)
"Lake Consequence" (1993)
"Orlando" (1993)
"Poetic Justice" (1993)
"Posse" (1993)
"Sniper" (1993)
"Tombstone" (1993)
"Only You" (1994)
"Reflections on a Crime" (1994)
"Running Delilah" (1994)
"Il Silenzio dei prosciutti" (1994)
"Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight" (1995)
"The Set Up" (1995)
"The Phantom" (1996)
"Head Above Water" (1996)
"Danger Zone" (1996)
"This World, Then the Fireworks" (1997)
"Titanic" (1997)
"Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World" (1998) (voice)
"I Awoke Early the Day I Died" (1999)
"Taxman" (1999)
"Morgan's Ferry" (1999)
"God Is In the T.V." (1999)
"Cleopatra" (1999)
"Howard Hughes: His Women and His Movies" (2000) (voice)
"Dying to Get Rich" (2000)
"Hendrix" (2000)
"Zoolander" (2001)

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