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David Morse Filmography
Born: Oct. 11, 1953

"Inside Moves" (1980)
"Our Family Business" (1981)
"Prototype" (1982)
"Max Dugan Returns" (1983)
"Shattered Vows" (1984)
"When Dreams Come True" (1985)
"Personal Foul" (1987)
"Six Against the Rock" (1987)
"Downpayment on Murder" (1987)
"Winnie" (1988)
"Brotherhood of the Rose" (1989)
"Cross of Fire" (1989)
"Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann" (1990)
"Desperate Hours" (1990)
"The Indian Runner" (1991)
"Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster" (1992)
"The Good Son" (1993)
"Miracle on Interstate 880" (1993)
"The Getaway" (1994)
"The Crossing Guard" (1995)
"12 Monkeys" (1996)
"Extreme Measures" (1996)
"The Long Kiss Goodnight" (1996)
"Murder Live!" (1997)
"Contact" (1997)
"George B." (1998)
"The Legend of Pig Eye" (1998)
"The Negotiator" (1998)
"A.W.O.L." (1999)
"Jailbait" (1999)
"Crazy in Alabama" (1999)
"The Green Mile" (1999)
"Bait" (2000)
"Dancer in the Dark" (2000)
"Proof of Life" (2000)
"Hearts in Atlantis" (2001)

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