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Jodie Foster Filmography
Born: Nov. 19, 1962

"Napoleon and Samantha" (1972)
"Kansas City Bomber" (1972)
"Tom Sawyer" (1973)
"One Little Indian" (1973)
"Smile, Jenny, You're Dead" (1974)
"Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (1975)
"Taxi Driver" (1976) (Oscar nomination, best supporting actress)
"Echoes of a Summer" (1976)
"The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane" (1976)
"Bugsy Malone" (1976)
"Candleshoe" (1977)
"Freaky Friday" (1977)
"Carny" (1980)
"Foxes" (1980)
"O'Hara's Wife" (1982)
"Svengali" (1983)
"Mesmerized" (1984)
"The Blood of Others" (1984)
"The Hotel New Hampshire" (1984)
"Siesta" (1987)
"Five Corners" (1988)
"Stealing Home" (1988)
"The Accused" (1988) (Oscar, best actress)
"Backtrack" (1990)
"Little Man Tate" (1991)
"The Silence of the Lambs" (1991) (Oscar, best actress)
"Shadows and Fog" (1992)
"Sommersby" (1993)
"Maverick" (1994)
"Nell" (1994) (Oscar nomination, best actress)
"Contact" (1997)
"Anna and the King" (1999)
"Panic Room" (2002)
"The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" (2002)

"Little Man Tate" (1991)
"Home for the Holidays" (1995)
"Flora Plum" (2002)

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