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Kelly Preston Filmography
Born: Oct. 13, 1962

"Christine" (1983)
"For Love and Honor" (1983)
"Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn" (1983)
"Ten to Midnight" (1983)
"Mischief" (1985)
"Secret Admirer" (1985)
"Pick-Up" (1986)
"Space Camp" (1986)
"Amazon Women on the Moon" (1987)
"Love at Stake" (1987)
"A Tiger's Tale" (1987)
"Spellbinder" (1988)
"Twins" (1988)
"The Experts" (1989)
"Only You" (1991)
"The Perfect Bride" (1991)
"Run" (1991)
"Double Cross" (1994)
"Love Is a Gun" (1994)
"Little Surprises" (1995)
"Mrs. Munck" (1995)
"Curdled" (1996)
"From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
"Jerry Maguire" (1996)
"Citizen Ruth" (1997)
"Addicted to Love" (1997)
"Nothing to Lose" (1997)
"Holy Man" (1998)
"Jack Frost" (1998)
"For Love of the Game" (1999)
"Bar Hopping" (2000)
"Welcome to Hollywood" (2000)
"Battlefield Earth" (2000)
"Daddy and Them" (2001)
"View from the Top" (2003)
"What a Girl Wants" (2003)

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