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Kim Basinger Filmography
Born: Dec. 8, 1953

"Dog and Cat" (1977)
"The Ghost of Flight 401" (1978)
"Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold" (1978)
"Hard Country" (1981)
"Killjoy" (1981)
"Mother Lode" (1982)
"Never Say Never Again" (1983)
"The Man Who Loved Women" (1983)
"The Natural" (1984)
"Fool for Love" (1985)
"9 1/2 Weeks" (1986)
"No Mercy" (1986)
"Nadine" (1987)
"Blind Date" (1987)
"My Stepmother Is an Alien" (1988)
"Batman" (1989)
"The Marrying Man" (1991)
"Cool World" (1992)
"Final Analysis" (1992)
"Wayne's World 2" (1993)
"The Real McCoy" (1993)
"The Getaway" (1994)
"A Century of Cinema" (1994)
"Ready to Wear" (1994)
"L.A. Confidential" (1997) (Oscar, best supporting actress)
"I Dreamed of Africa" (2000)
"Bless the Child" (2000)
"8 Mile" (2002)
"People I Know" (2002)

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