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Paul Scofield Filmography
Born: Jan. 21, 1922

"That Lady" (1955)
"Carve Her Name With Pride" (1958)
"The Train" (1965)
"A Man for All Seasons" (1966) (Oscar, best actor)
"Bartleby" (1970)
"King Lear" (1971)
"Scorpio" (1973)
"A Delicate Balance" (1973)
"Anna Karenina" (1985)
"Mr. Corbett's Ghost" (1986)
"Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank" (1988)
"When the Whales Came" (1989)
"Henry V" (1989)
"Hamlet" (1990)
"Utz" (1992)
"Quiz Show" (1994) (Oscar nomination, best supporting actor)
"The Little Riders" (1996)
"The Crucible" (1996)
"Animal Farm" (1999) (voice)

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