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Susan Sarandon Filmography
Born: Oct. 4, 1946

"Joe" (1970)
"The Front Page" (1974)
"The Great Waldo Pepper" (1975)
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975)
"The Great Smokey Roadblock" (1976)
"The Other Side of Midnight" (1977)
"Pretty Baby" (1978)
"King of the Gypsies" (1978)
"Something Short of Paradise" (1979)
"Loving Couples" (1980)
"Atlantic City" (1981) (Oscar nomination, best actress)
"Tempest" (1982)
"Who Am I This Time?" (1982)
"Beauty and the Beast" (1983)
"The Hunger" (1983)
"The Buddy System" (1984)
"Compromising Positions" (1985)
"Mussolini and I" (1985)
"Women of Valor" (1986)
"The Witches of Eastwick" (1987)
"Sweethearts' Dance" (1988)
"Bull Durham" (1988)
"A Dry White Season" (1989)
"The January Man" (1989)
"White Palace" (1990)
"Thelma&Louise" (1991) (Oscar nomination, best actress)
"Bob Roberts" (1992)
"Light Sleeper" (1992)
"Lorenzo's Oil" (1992) (Oscar nomination, best actress)
"The Client" (1994) (Oscar nomination, best actress)
"Little Women" (1994)
"Safe Passage" (1995)
"Dead Man Walking" (1995) (Oscar, best actress)
"Twilight" (1998)
"Stepmom" (1998)
"Illuminata" (1999)
"Our Friend, Martin" (1999) (voice)
"Earthly Possessions" (1999)
"Anywhere But Here" (1999)
"Cradle Will Rock" (1999)
"This Is What Democracy Looks Like" (2000) (narrator)
"Light Keeps Me Company" (2000)
"Joe Gould's Secret" (2000)
"Rugrats in Paris: The Movie" (2000) (voice)
"Cats & Dogs" (2001) (voice)
"Igby Goes Down" (2002)
"The Banger Sisters" (2002)
"Moonlight Mile" (2002)

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