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'Beverly Hills Ninja'

By Rita Kempley
Washington Post Staff Writer
January 24, 1997

Chris Farley walks into walls, trips over invisible banana peels and otherwise makes a fat ass of himself in this imbecilic, slapstick adventure from the producers of "Dumb and Dumber."

Farley plays the inept Haru, an orphaned white child who is reared by the master teacher (Soon-Tek Oh) at a secret Japanese dojo. The ninjas thought that little Haru would grow into the Great White Ninja of legend, but he grows into "an embarrassment to ninjas everywhere."

He demonstrates his klutzy, but well-meaning nature while pursuing a counterfeiter from Tokyo to Beverly Hills. His ninja master secretly sends Haru's older brother, Gobei (graceful, gorgeous Robin Shou), to watch over the poor boob.

Farley, a real lightweight compared to such late, great predecessors John Belushi and John Candy, brings none of Belushi's edgy intelligence, nor Candy's gentle pathos to this comic caricature. A kung fool indeed.

Contains grade-school sex jokes and cleavage.

© Copyright 1997 The Washington Post Company

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