Critics' Corner
Jane Horwitz - Weekend section, "A razor-sharp, often hilarious, political satire."

Stephen Hunter - Style section, "One of those brilliant and rare blends of paradoxical elements."

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'Children of the Revolution'

Scene from this movie This pseudo-documentary explores the roots of a fictional crisis that supposedly brought Australia to the brink of civil war in 1990. The primary instigator was a right-wing union organizer named Joe Welch. From his prison cell, Welch blames it all on his red menace of a mom.

In flashback, we meet Joan as a Communist student activist in 1951. Humorless and clenched, she’s so enamored of Stalin that she writes him daily. When his aides give the bored, aging dictator a pile of Joan’s letters for his amusement, he’s so taken with her fervor -- and with her photo -- that he invites her to Moscow. Leaving her affection-starved boyfriend behind, Joan is Kremlin-bound. After a champagne-and-vodka-soaked dinner, Stalin beds his young acolyte and promptly dies. -- Jane Horwitz
Rated R

Director: Peter Duncan
Cast: Richard Roxburgh; Sam Neill; Judy Davis; F. Murray Abraham; Rachel Griffiths; Geoffrey Rush; Russell Kiefel; John Gaden; Ben McIvor; Paul Livingston; Paul Lyneham; Dennis Watkins; Stephen Abbott
Running Time: 1 hour, 39 minutes
Filmographies: F. Murray Abraham; Judy Davis Geoffrey Rush; Sam Neill