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Desson Howe - Weekend section, "So epically awful, itís practically homeric."

Rita Kempley - Style section, "Murky and slow-moving."

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'The Devil's Own'

Scene from this movie The political thriller explores the ideological differences between Tom O'Meara (Harrison Ford), a big-hearted Irish American cop, and Rory Devaney (Brad Pitt), a hardened but hunky IRA terrorist.

After a fierce street battle with British troops in Belfast, the Irish Republican Army's top gun travels to New York City to purchase a cargo of Stinger missiles for the cause. He plans to transport them home himself in a little tugboat he spends much of the movie refurbishing. A sympathetic American judge supplies him with a cover story and arranges to put him up with Tom, his wife and their three daughters. Tom thinks Rory is an immigrant dodging the "troubles." -- Rita Kempley
Rated R

Director: Alan J. Pakula
Cast: Harrison Ford; Brad Pitt; Margaret Colin; Ruben Blades; Treat Williams; George Hearn; Mitchell Ryan; Natasha McElhone; Paul Ronan; Simon Jones
Running Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes
Filmographies: Harrison Ford; Brad Pitt