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Rita Kempley - for Weekend section, "Offbeat."

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'Different for Girls'

In this offbeat, British love story, Rupert Graves, heretofore known for his work in decorous period pieces like "A Room With a View," returns to the present, well almost, as a hot-headed punk named Paul whoís stuck in the í70s. Chronologically, heís 34, but in temperament, he remains an irrepressible 17-year-old. Perhaps thatís why heís able to recognize his school mate, Carl, though 15 years have passed and Carl has become the introverted transsexual, Kim (Steven Mackintosh). Though the two have little in common, they soon reconnect in ways that were impossible in boyhood. "It fits!" exclaims Paul, who is delighted to find that Kimís surgery has been entirely successful. Directed by Richard Spense and written by Tony Marchant, this irrepressible and sensitive romance brings new flavor to the term odd couple. -- Rita Kempley
Rated R
Director: Richard Spence
Cast: Rupert Graves; Steven Mackintosh; Saskia Reeves; Neil Dudgeon; Miriam Margolyes; Charlotte Coleman; Nisha K. Nayar; Lia Williams; Ian Dury
Running Time: 1 hour, 41 minutes