Critics' Corner

Megan Rosenfeld - Style section, "For 130 minutes it bludgeons you into submission."

Richard Harrington - for Weekend section, "A busy movie ... but it's just as likely to sweep one away with its musical, emotional and historical momentum."

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Scene from this movie We first see Eva as a 7-year-old, an illegitimate child of provincial poverty, cruelly barred from the funeral of her father by his middle-class family. As a teenager, Eva latches on to a traveling tango singer who takes her back to Buenos Aires but quickly abandons her to return to his family. Clearly ambitious, Eva turns to modeling, which leads to a movie career as well as to the social swirl in which she seduces her way up the food chain and, soon after, the military chain of command before finally meeting her destiny in Juan Peron. When Peron is elected to the presidency, Eva becomes an activist first lady, her grand style and charisma turning her into an idol of the people. -- Richard Harrington
Rated PG
Director: Alan Parker
Cast: Madonna; Antonio Banderas; Jonathan Pryce; Jimmy Nail; Andrea Corr; Peter Polycarpou
Running Time: 2 hours, 10 minutes
Filmographies: Madonna; Jonathan Pryce;
Antonio Banderas