Critics' Corner
Desson Howe - Weekend section, "Most enjoyable blockbuster of the summer."

Stephen Hunter - Style section, "One of those whirligigs of wite, barbaric energy, blood spatters and firepower that will be adored by the morally retarded among us -- like me."

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Scene from this movie FBI agent Sean Archer has spent six years searching for Castor Troy, a psychotic terrorist who killed the agentís young son. Finally, he intercepts the killer as his private plane prepares to leave. Although the terrorist is surrounded by law enforcement, he forces the pilot to attempt a takeoff. An incendiary scene follows with Troy apparently dead.

The FBI learns that Troy and his equally psychotic brother, Pollux, wired a nerve-gas bomb somewhere in Los Angeles. In two days, this lethal payload will flatten everything for a square mile. Thanks to cutting-edge laser surgery, Archer can literally, and seamlessly, trade faces with Troy. To complete the ultimate disguise, a microchip will be inserted into Archerís larynx so that his voice patterns match Troyís. By pretending to be Troy, Archer can infiltrate the prison, hook up with Pollux and pump his "brother" for information. Meanwhile, Troy awakesn from a coma, locates Archer's old face and rounds up the surgeon. -- Desson Howe Rated R

Director: John Woo
Cast: John Travolta; Nicolas Cage; Joan Allen; Gina Gershon; Robert Wisdom; Dominique Swain; John Carroll Lynch; Harve Presnell; Margaret Cho;
Lauren Sinclair
Running Time: 2 hours, 14 minutes
Filmographies: John Travolta; Nicolas Cage;
Joan Allen; Gina Gershon