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‘For Love or Money’

By Desson Howe
Washington Post Staff Writer
October 01, 1993


Barry Sonnenfeld
Michael J. Fox;
Gabrielle Anwar;
Anthony Hopkins;
Bob Balaban;
Michael Tucker;
Udo Kier;
Dan Hedaya;
Isaac Mizrahi;
Patrick Breen;
Simon Jones
Parental guidance suggested

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Let's see . . . Michael J. Fox is a hotel concierge who's obsessed with money and making a big killing. Wasn't he in that movie already? No, "For Love or Money" is entirely new, with its own new ad campaign (see the sides of buses for details).

For the right tip, Fox will make anything happen, opera tickets, Knicks tickets, you name it. Yet by night, he lives in a rat hole. The gratuities are being saved up for his dream palace, an old building he wants to transform into a lucrative, swanky hotel. When rich Anthony Higgins, a potential sponsor for Fox, asks the concierge to baby-sit leggy mistress Gabrielle Anwar, Fox does his best to comply. But his romantic urges for Anwar get in the way.

"Love or Money" isn't a movie. It's the director's cut of the promotion trailer. Fox seems to be shrinking -- if not dying -- in his regular, perky-capitalist role. It's time to look into the mirror and realize that Alex Keaton is turning into Dorian Gray.

© Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company

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