Critics' Corner
Eve Zibart - Weekend section, "A cliche-ridden muddle."

Stephen Hunter - Style section, "This is not to say the film is good, merely that it's effective."

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'G.I. Jane'

Scene from this movie Demi Moore stars in the guts-and-green-beret saga of Lt. Jordan O’Neil, determined to be the first woman to make it through the ultra-rigorous training of an ultra-secret Navy SEAL strike force made up of ultra-elites from the combined services. Jordan, who has hit the Navy’s glass ceiling because she has been denied combat duty, becomes the bargaining chip between the powerful woman head of the Senate armed forces subcommittee (Anne Bancroft) -- who presumably believes women should make it in the services -- and the unscrupulous candidate for Secretary of the Navy, who doesn’t. -- Eve Zibart
Rated R
Director: Ridley Scott
Cast: Demi Moore; Jason Beghe; Viggo Mortensen; Anne Bancroft; Daniel von Bargen; John Michael Higgins; Neal Jones; Roy Glover; David Vadim
Running Time: 2 hours
Filmographies: Demi Moore; Anne Bancroft