Critics' Corner
Desson Howe - Weekend section, "(John) Cusackís talents are delicate and appealing, but not propulsive enough to lead the movie to triumph."

Rita Kempley - Style section, "A hilarious new addition to the wonderfully warped Generation X-Files."

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'Grosse Pointe Blank'

Scene from this movie As Martin Q. Blank, John Cusack is a successful hit man with assassination burnout. After five years of plugging people for money, this gig -- lucrative as it is -- has worn thin. Martin has already made some steps in the right direction. The moral cogs in his head -- long inactive -- are starting to whirr again. And when a job takes him to Grosse Pointe, near Detroit, Martinís life begins its slow turnaround.

For one thing, he was raised there. His secretary Marcella, suggests that, since this assignment brings him to his hometown, he might consider his 10-year high school reunion, which takes place at the same time. He wants to find out who he is. Heís drawn back to Debi, the high-school sweetheart he left high and dry on the eve of the prom. And like all movie hit men, he has redemption on his mind. -- Desson Howe
Rated R

Director: George Armitage
Cast: John Cusack; Minnie Driver; Dan Aykroyd; Alan Arkin; Joan Cusack; Hank Azaria; K. Todd Freeman; Mitchell Ryan; Jeremy Piven
Running Time: 1 hour, 46 minutes
Filmographies: John Cusack; Minnie Driver; Dan Aykroyd; Alan Arkin; Joan Cusack