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‘Hero and the Terror’

By Richard Harrington
Washington Post Staff Writer
August 27, 1988


William Tannen
Chuck Norris;
Jack O'Halloran;
Brynn Thayer;
Jeffrey Kramer;
Steve James
Under 17 restricted

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Chuck Norris would do well to use his martial arts skills to fend off producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus and their crew of scriptwriters and directors at Cannon Films.

In "Hero and the Terror," a typically slow and uninspired go-round, Norris is a cop (nickname: Hero) who once put away the incredible bulk (a k a: the Terror), but not before he'd broken 24 pretty little necks. Guess who escapes from jail? Guess what starts getting broken again? Guess who comes, reluctantly, to the rescue? Actually, if you can't guess, this movie just may be for you.

Norris, the great stone face, is his usual taciturn self, though he's been saddled with a pregnant girlfriend and some sensitivity, perhaps from the same store Paramount turned to for Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America." In this film, you will actually see Chuck Norris kiss, and faint (no, not at the same time). You will also see him battle the Terror, the huge, ungainly, lumbering Jack O'Halloran, who is a professional wrestler or something like it, leading to all-too-many boring pro-style clinches splattered with pitty-pat punches.

For genre fans, "Hero and the Terror" does feature Steve James, a muscular black actor whose fate seems to be playing sidekicker to a string of white martial artsmen. Of course, he gets killed again, which you knew would happen as soon as Norris warned him to "be very careful." So, it probably won't do any good, but here goes: Be very careful and avoid this "Hero."

"Hero and the Terror" is rated R and contains some brief nudity, blood and the sound of many necks cracking (which is not a Zen riddle, just a Cannon device).

© Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company

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