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Desson Howe - Weekend section, "It's a film to admire -- even if it leaves you cold."

Stephen Hunter - Style section, "As an examination of the pathologies of the tribe, the film is ... breathtaking."

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'In the Company of Men'

Scene from this movie When the movie starts, Chad and his supervisor-friend, Howard, are lamenting the way they’ve been treated by their women. Chad complains that his wife walked out on him. Howard is recovering from a physical attack from the wife he’s divorcing.

As they prepare to fly to a branch office for a six-week spell, Chad hits on an idea. Why not take out their frustrations on an innocent, defenseless woman who isn’t getting much romantic attention in her life? First, they’ll feign romantic interest in her and, as soon as her ego swells from the attention of two men, they’ll drop her like a stone. In the first week at the branch office, Chad selects the prey. Her name is Christine. She’s sweet, trusting and happens to be deaf. Perfect victim material. -- Desson Howe
Rated R

Director: Neil LaBute
Cast: Aaron Eckhart; Stacy Edwards; Matt Malloy; Michael Martin; Mark Rector; Chris Hayes; Jason Dixie; Emily Cline
Running Time: 1 hour, 33 minutes