Critic's Corner
Hal Hinson - Style section (1989), "Has enough to please any kid."

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This movie won Oscars for Best Original Song ("Under the Sea") and Score.

'The Little Mermaid'

Scene from this movie Ariel laments the undersea life. She wants to be able to walk on land. The calypso crab composer Sebastian and her flounder pal, Flounder, urge her to do as her father, Triton, King of the Merpeople, says and remain true to her underwater roots. Ariel's longing for things human is too strong for her to resist, even if humans are considered barbarians by most undersea folk. Eventually a prince, Eric, is washed overboard in a storm, and Ariel saves his life.

Immediately, Ariel is lovestruck. Desperate, she cracks a bargain with the octopus-tenacled Ursula, the evil sea witch, trading in her lovely siren's voice for a set of human wheels. Ursula sees the slinky Ariel as a means to conquer Triton and take control of the sea. -- Hal Hinson
Rated G

Directors: Ron Clements; John Musker
Voices: Jodi Benson; Pat Carroll; Buddy Hackett; Samuel E. Wright; Jason Marin; Rene Auberjonois; Christopher Daniel Barnes
Running Time: 1 hour, 22 minutes