Critic's Corner
Richard Harrington - Weekend section, "More mind-numbing than bone-chilling."

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Scene from this movie Dr. Susan Tyler and her husband Dr. Peter Mann wipe out a kid-threatening epidemic by creating some sort of genetically altered mix-and-match bug species which will save the world and then die out without reproducing. Donít these doctors from the Centers for Disease Control know itís not nice to fool with Mother Nature?

After a few years pass, something subterranean is apparently ready to bug out. Apparently more partial to midnight snacks than to brunch, these shadowy figures move in the darkened alleys and basements of New York City. They have figured out how to physically mimic man in order to go about their business undetected. -- Richard Harrington
Rated R

Director: Guillermo Del Toro
Cast: Mira Sorvino; Jeremy Northam; Charles Dutton; F. Murray Abraham; Giancarlo Giannini; Josh Brolin; Norman Reedus; Alexander Goodwin
Running Time: 1 hour, 42 minutes
Filmographies: Mira Sorvino; F. Murray Abraham