Critics' Corner
Rita Kempley - Weekend section, "Mellow romantic comedy."

Stephen Hunter - Style section, "If you look carefully and show some patience, you can pick out the odd treat."

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'Out to Sea'

Scene from this movie Walter Matthau is a wizened racetrack habitue named Charlie. His widowed brother-in-law, Herb (Jack Lemmon), is the sort who always worries about the rules. The angle-playing Charlie springs a stunt on him to get out of town and evade pursuing bookies, and they end up as dance hosts on a luxury cruise. In other words, they're sort of low-end gigolos. -- Stephen Hunter
Rated PG-13
Director: Martha Coolidge
Cast: Leon Singer; Dyan Cannon; Gloria DeHaven; Estelle Harris; Jack Lemmon; Hal Linden; Walter Matthau; Rue McClanahan; Edward Mulhare; Sean O'Bryan; Donald O'Connor; Beverly Polcyn; Alexandra Powers; Brent Spiner; Elaine Stritch
Running Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Filmographies: Walter Matthau; Jack Lemmon;
Dyan Cannon; Brent Spiner