Critics' Corner
Rita Kempley - Style section, "A competent nail-biter that ably exploits a parent's worst nightmare."

Desson Howe - Weekend section, "It entertains us emptily while it holds our brains for ransom."

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Scene from this movie Mel Gibson plays Tom Mullen, the founder of a lucrative airline company. Living affluently in Manhattan with his wife, Kate (Rene Russo), and young son, Sean. Three kidnappers stalk Sean at a children’s science fair in Central Park. Suddenly, Sean is no longer standing where he used to be.

Mullen receives the kidnappers’ demands by electronic mail: $2 million in unmarked bills. He contacts the FBI, and working with personable Agent Hawkins, tries to entrap the gangsters. But the gang, led by the sinister Jimmy Shaker, is on to this kind of strategy. -- Desson Howe
Rated R

Director: Ron Howard
Cast: Mel Gibson; Rene Russo; Gary Sinise; Delroy Lindo; Lili Taylor;
Liev Schreiber; Donnie Wahlberg
Running Time: 2 hours
Filmographies: Mel Gibson; Rene Russo; Delroy Lindo; Lili Taylor; Gary Sinise; Liev Schreiber; Ron Howard