Critic's Corner
Stephen Hunter - Weekend section, "The movie is quite funny in an 8-year-old way."

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Scene from this movie The fart joke has reached outer space. Thatís the premise, pretty much, of "RocketMan," which watches as an enfeebled young man spurts blasts of noxious chemical clouds into the space suit of his mission commander. The movie stars newcomer Harland Williams, as a hopeless dweeb with the IQ of Leonardo Da Vinci and the co-ordination of a broken lawn chaise, as he bumbles into NASAís Mars crew. There, his clumsiness causes catastrophe after catastrophe, and his brilliance saves the day in each case. -- Stephen Hunter
Rated PG
Director: Stuart Gillard
Cast: Beau Bridges; Jeffrey DeMunn;
Shelley Duvall; Jessica Lundy; Peter Onorati; James Pickens Jr.; William Sadler; Gailard Sartain; Harland Williams
Running Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes