Critics' Corner
Eric Brace - Weekend section, "Glossy, simplistic, but touching movie."

Richard Harrington - Style section, "A loving, reverential bio-film."

Read a Post feature about Selena's fans today

In 1995, The Post published stories about Selena's death, the success of her new album and the sentencing of her convicted murderer.

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Scene from this movie "Selena" is the film biography of the 23-year-old Texas Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez, whose Spanish-language recordings had made her a star before she was shot and killed by a deranged business associate in March 1995. While the Latin community mourned, much of the rest of the world was learning who Selena was, having never heard of her before her murder.

The hagiography of "Selena" will please her fans, but doesn’t give much insight into the person behind the star. It begins in Texas, where Abraham Quintanilla’s dreams of singing English-language pop are dashed by racist Anglo-Americans and intolerant Mexican Americans. Skip ahead 20 years to 1981. Quintanilla hears his 10-year-old daughter Selena singing and decides that she and her two older siblings should form a band. -- Eric Brace
Rated PG

Director: Gregory Nava
Cast: Gary Moody; Jennifer Lopez; Jackie Guerra; Becky Lee Meza; Edward James Olmos; Jon Seda; Leon Singer; Jacob Vargas; Nicole Young
Running Time: 2 hours, 11 minutes
Filmographies: Edward James Olmos; Jennifer Lopez